Community Testimonials

Guest Alumni Speaker:

Ms Doria Juric

What a beautiful place MEF International School is.   What wonderful people. What great friends….  It is so good to see all of you here today, to share this unique moment.  Mr. Potter, Ms Giraud, thank you so much for having me with you here today. Thank you so much for the privilege to speak to you today. I feel that my words can represent all the other students who have been a part of the school, who are graduating around the world, from schools in Russia, Italy, Hungary, Brazil or many other countries.

My brother Filip and I had two and a half wonderful years here in MEF International School. For both of us it was very emotional moment when our father was posted to Switzerland and we learned that we will have to leave MEFIS. I am so sorry that my little brother could not be here with me as he shares exactly the same passion and the same love for this school. 

I would like to use this opportunity to share with you just one message, that I learned from my father. And as I get older, every day I realize how much truth there is in what he taught me.  It is about the single most important thing to achieve any success in life, professional and personal. It is something that MEFIS is a great example of. It is what differentiates MEF International School from any other school.

There is absolutely nothing we can achieve in our lives alone and there is absolutely nothing that a person cannot achieve if they have good, understanding relationships. A relationship where both sides give and take: A win – win relationship. MEFIS stands out for its relationships. Good communication between student and teachers, firm friendships among students, warm working relationships among the teachers themselves, and supportive relationships with the local community we live in.

In MEFIS those relationships make you actually work when playing and really play when working and you never know which is which. They solve all the problems and challenges and get the best out of you.

In MEFIS these relationships ignite your desire to improve, to learn and to grow as a person every single day, every minute. In MEFIS those relationships, those bridges, are being built, they are continuously nurtured and upgraded, in MEFIS this relationships, these bridges stay. I am a true example of this.

Thank you MEFIS for the unique experience I had here, thank you for such a valuable learning experience and above all thank you for the lifelong relationships that I treasure.

Thank you.


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